We are open for business!

Thanks to our generous friends at Foothill Skate Inn California Love Roller Derby is going to get a chance to bring the fun and skill of Roller Derby to the men, women & children of northern California. We are committed to bringing you a premiere location to come have fun skating Roller Derby while learning skills and making new friends.

Bring any gear you have. Helmet, knee & elbow pads, mouth guard and wrist guards required to skate. Limited loaner gear available by request. Foothill Skate Inn has a variety of excellent equipment on site to purchase. Don’t have skates? No problem! Foothill has rentals you can use!

No experience necessary. Perfect for anyone who is interested in finding out what it takes to play without the risk involved in full contact Derby. Conditioning for tryouts, want a nice workout or recovering from an injury? This is a great place for you to get some skate time in.

We are unique in that we are co-ed and include children 10+ to come join in the fun. No committees, no fundraising. Beautiful hardwood floors. Heated in the winter, A/C in the summer. Rental skates available. Public welcome. Hope to see you there!

Get your tickets at Brown Paper Tickets

WHEN: February 2nd 11:00am to 1:00pm
WHERE: Foothill Skate Inn 4700 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento, CA
CONTACT: CaLoveRD@yahoo.com with any questions