Same bat time, same bat channel

Same bat time, same bat channel

Practice Makes Perfect!


Quiet Riot: A Roller Derby Quiet Book | THRIFT AESTHETIC

I love this quiet book! It’s so creative, interactive and compelling. All the ingredients to captivate a child’s imagination. This reminds me of a dream I have for Roller Derby… What if your league had childcare? How would that change your ability to play? Just something to consider for the future of this great sport. Supporting mothers, supports families and makes for a stronger community.

Quiet Riot: A Roller Derby Quiet Book | THRIFT AESTHETIC.

please click on the link above…..I absolutely love what she is doing…..I suggest you follow her blog to see how to cut your costs and skate Derby or anything else.

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Great First Practice

What a turnout we had for CA ❤ RD first practice! On Superbowl Sunday no less! Thanks to everyone who came out to show their love and skate and many thanks for the support for this new Derby Adventure! May we have many more fun times to come!

Derby Rules! It’s the best sport in the whole universe!